Here you’ll find a long, but not exhaustive, list of the sorts of things we can help you with. Chances are that you don’t need just one of these services, but a combination of several which, when backed by a coherent strategy, will enable you to reach your goals.

If you’re not sure what services you need, but you know what you want to achieve, then get in touch and we’ll discuss your ambitions and formulate a plan for you.

We work on either a project or retained basis. Whatever best suits your needs and your budget.

P.S. Are you an agency owner? If so, check out our agency-specific services. We play nicely with others.

PR and media relations

Everything you need to launch, enhance, or protect your media profile. Proactive and reactive story development, press releases, case studies, media appearances, interview preparation, awards entries, campaign planning and more. We can get you seen in the right media and by the right people.

Press office

We can manage and respond to media enquiries, develop processes for your employees to follow, draft stock responses and templates, and provide on-call support. We ensure that journalists get what they need so you can concentrate on running your organisation.

Copywriting and editing

Words that portray the nature and attitude of your organisation, using exclusively plain English (or Swedish), and that will truly mean something to the people you want to reach. We are experienced at producing articles, whitepapers, blogs, annual reports, brochures, and website content. Plus, associated services like proofreading, editing and tone of voice development.


A good speech can captivate an audience – and we’ve all suffered through bad ones. If you’re preparing for a conference, event, lecture, debate or anything else where you need your words to grab and hold people’s attention, then get in touch.

Crisis communications

A crisis can happen to any organisation, at any time. Handling the communications process in a crisis is vitally important but it can also distract you from solving the problem that caused the crisis in the first place. We can help with scenario planning, consultancy, training, on-call support, process development, Q&A documents, and more.

Social media

Whether you want to create a buzz, start a conversation, or drive traffic, we can help with account set up and on-going administration, strategy, content creation, audience targeting and community management.


We can provide digital PR and content services that will secure the coverage and links you need to raise awareness of your brand, drive traffic to your website, and improve your organisation’s search engine rankings.

Internal communications

An often-overlooked audience, your employees can be (and should be) your most loyal supporters. Effective and appropriate communication can turn ‘meh’ into ‘yeah!’. We can help with newsletters, presentations, intranet content planning and delivery, and employee engagement plans.

Training and consultancy

If you have new team members, skills gaps or would like refresher courses, we can tailor a package to suit you, delivered remotely, at your office, or at a location of your choice. Courses include: press office setup and management (with the option for ongoing on-call support), media training for spokespeople (including how to prepare for and get the most out of an interview, and dealing with tough questions), writing (for various audiences/stakeholders: media, staff, partners, shareholders/investors, customers), planning and delivering campaigns, and more besides.


Agency services

Additional resource when you need it

Sometimes you just need that little bit of extra help to meet a client’s brief. It could be creative ideas, media relations, content, all sorts of things. You can either stretch a team that’s already near breaking point, or start a lengthy recruitment process, or maybe even turn down business.

You could do that. Or, you can sub-contract to an experienced, professional, and capable partner (and one that won’t try to pinch your client).

Plugging skills gaps to make you more valuable to your client

Perhaps you have a client who you work with for one thing – SEO, or branding and marketing services, say – who just needs something extra. Let us plug that skills gap for you.

Team training – one to one or in small groups

If you’ve been growing, you probably have a whole new team full of keen people with varying levels of experience and skills. We can train your team in media relations, storytelling, idea generation, writing, and PR processes.

New business coaching

Are you about to start a new business drive? Or have you secured an opportunity to pitch a dream client? We can help you present the best version of yourself using our extensive experience of being ‘the client’. We’ll take the guesswork out of your pitch preparation and work with you to create a narrative that’ll set you apart from ‘just another agency’.

If you’re an agency owner, and you want help to take your team to the next level, then get in touch and let’s see what we can do.